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Tracey Antee

President & CEO

It all started in my parents living room over 25 years ago. My Mom was having yet another meeting about forming a nonprofit to promote and preserve Creole culture. I was about two generations younger than their audience but that gave me the ability to provide a valuable contribution to the work that was being done. 


Instead of the typical things teenagers do, I spent my weekends doing traveling to do research in libraries, going to grant workshops and attending and speaking at conferences while learning the value of relationship building. My mentor was my Mom, she was creating something special and viable with me trying to walk in her very big shoes. 

I have worked with nonprofits centered around cultural and historical preservation, mental health, homelessness and housing, cancer, population health and healthcare. Building, resource development and processes are what gets me going, along with a cup (or three) of coffee. I'm basically the lady version of a Jack of All Trades, hence the name Maven Consulting. I can do a lot with a little. 

I am married to my giant, 6'10", husband and Mom to two awesome young men, both at the beginning of their "adulting" journeys! My "at home" co-workers are a 90lb American Bulldog named Nova, a 25lb Frenchie named Bruno and the baby, our Yorkie, Felix. They run the place around here. 

I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you and helping you grow, achieve and succeed. 

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The intention behind establishing this company was to foster a distinctive culture that offers support, empowerment, and appreciation. Our team of Mavens are experts in their skillset, a jill of all trades and wholehearted.

Family first: we love on our children and each others Celebrate champions of good: we lift up those making a positive impact Craft beauty: we create gorgeous things Tackle problems united: we solve challenges as a team Fearlessly pioneer: we explore new frontiers with ingenuity

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Our Foundation

Meet the Team

Katie Roy

Katie is the owner of Segment 7 Design and part of the Maven team, with expertise in design and marketing. Whether it's a logo or a website, Katie's designs always capture the essence of the brand and its message. Apart from her design skills, Katie is also a seasoned fundraiser and marketer developing effective marketing strategies and campaigns for clients. Our magical collaboration provides in house design services for our clients and high level project management.

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Adam Doucet

Adam is our secret weapon! His skills in communication and organization make him an invaluable asset to our team, ensuring timely delivery of high-quality projects. He specializes in process development, research, and content creation. What sets Adam apart is his diverse background as a French language educator, skilled artisan, and musician, which gives him a unique outlook and the ability to connect with our community on a deeper level.

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Book a free 30 minute consultation to discuss how we can best work together.

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