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tracey Antee

Tracey Antee, founder and CEO of Maven Consulting and Resource Matchmaker™ offers a unique take on non profit management and development. An entrepreneur, writer, keynote speaker, podcaster and mostly a really bad cook, she specializes in bringing thought into reality and idea into action. With 27 years of non profit experience in cultural, preservation, community health and healthcare roles, she brings a diverse playbook to the table. Growing up in a home with a non profit director Mom and a Louisiana Folk Artist Dad, she has the pulse of the community and the words to tell a really good story. 

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Who We Are

We are a boutique consulting group that helps big-idea thinkers, organizations, municipalities and nonprofits at the intersection of growth and impact. We spark growth with ideas, craft strategies, manage projects, and amplify public relations. Our Resource Matchmaking, diverse skillset and vast network makes space for creativity and viable solutions. We are the action takers for those who have great ideas, a new initiative or reach road blocks in their project by creating a game plan to achieve their outcome. Results could mean creating a new organization, developing and implementing strategic plans, community engagement, marketing and branding or being a connector, what ultimately matters is that we help our clients deliver impact to their organization, their community or the people they serve.


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